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107 New York Avenue, Jersey City


This mixed use building in the Jersey City Height breaks away from the typical city block typology and employs an ascending spiral form to maximize the available NYC views and harness the eastern and southern sun into its landscaped central courtyard space. Something of a hybrid between a low rise and a tower the designs seeks to combine the advantages of both… The compactness and efficiency of a low rise and the airiness and expansive views of a tower. By keeping the South Eastern corner low, and stepping up the spiral towards the North West we open up the courtyard to the dramatic skyline views to the east and the allow the morning, afternoon and early evening sun deep into the heart of the building. The building is wrapped in two curved walls, a heavy red brick outer jacket facing the street and a reflective metal clad inner wall around the courtyard that reflects the light inward.

As the upper floors step back a stair case of private landscaped terraces is created, continuing the lush greenery of the central courtyard all the way up to the common roof deck and amenity lounge at the penthouse level. Floors 1 and 2 occupy an adaptively reused industrial structure that now contains the residential lobby, retail and parking. The floors above contain 128 residences ranging from 675 sf studios to 1,400 sf 3 bedroom units.

Status : Design

Unit count : 128 Residential Units
Parking Count: 61 Spaces


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