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St Lucys - 613 Grove Street, Jersey City


Located on the site of the former St Lucy's church, rectory and school, this 23 story mixed use project preserves and adaptively reuses the character defining features of the original buildings as part of the new design. Construction began on the 'St Lucys assemblage' around 1896 but sadly the church was closed and deconsecrated in the early 1980's due to a dwindling congregation. These 3 buildings were not protected landmarks but their importance to the history and sence of place in the neighbourhood is unquestionable. Our goal in saving these beautiful facades was to retain the familliarity and intimate human scale they provide at street level.

While the simple inclined corner of the new building seeks to frame and balance the existing bell tower, the architecture of the new is deliberatly modern to contrast, and not mimic, the old. Each is of its own time and style.

The building consists of 444 residential units which includes 13 afforable housing units. There is a 6,000 sf retail space at street level frontge onto Grove Street and 251 indoor parking spaces on floor 1 to 4.

Status : Approved

Unit count : 444 Residential Units
 6,000 sf Retail Space

251 Parking Spaces

Height: 23 Stories 


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