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1414 Grand Street, Hoboken

This 7 story mixed use building houses market rate condos and live/work units along with commercial space on the 2nd floor and a 5000sf retail unit at street level.  The solution was a series of stepped entry levels for a gradual transition from the side walk to base flood elevation. This area, in the north west of Hoboken, has an Industrial history but is in need of revitalization. This building is one of a number of new mid-rise mixed-used buildings that seek to help that revitalization through intelligent design and a modern architecture. Drawing on its industrial predecessors the facade still has vast window openings with modular subdivided glazing units. The difference is that instead of the rigorous order and repetition of the factory era, here the facade is purposefully random and chaotic. Brick panels and Windows (the solid and void) shift and vary both vertically and horizontally to create a sense of movement and playfulness. The staggered, contrasting black and white brick heightens the effect. At night the building is illuminated by vertical LED strip lights that are integrated into the facade and also follow the staggered pattern. 

Status : Complete

Unit count : 24 Live / Work Units, 6 Commercial Units
Parking Count: 11 Spaces


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